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Invitation to Paint on the Mirror

Acrylic mirrors are an excellent source of visual sensory input and provides visual feedback for experiments! Children are naturally drawn to the exploration of reflection, perception and appearance and it is a rather calming experience as they explore. Simply taping butcher paper to the floor, placing the acrylic mirror as the canvas with drops of Crayloa Fingerpaint provides a reflective sensory art exploration at any age. Finger painting is an excellent tactile experience because it stimulates a child’s senses. (Touch/feel, sight, smell, edible finger paint= taste) The mixing of colors teaches the child about their colors, how to create new colors, cause/effect, and the basics of chemical reactions. It allows them to use their imagination and create in an open-ended way. It is emotionally soothing, too. It strengthens the hand and fingers which helps with fine motor skills. 

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