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Invitation to Paint Georgia O'Keeffe's Calla Lilies & Irises

#WomensHistory Month is March. Throughout this whole month we have been exploring women’s contributions to history, culture & society. While there are so many ways to celebrate & honor women, reading books & integrating them with an invitation is truly a powerful way to connect the two.

We have been reading books about the famous artist Georgia O'Keeffe who was born and raised in Wisconsin. She grew up to become one of America's most famous painters. Her clear, bright paintings show the beauty she found in the simple, natural things around her. She loved to paint mountains, seashells, flowers, and even animal bones she found in the desert. Georgia often rearranged the natural things she saw, and simplified them. Exposing children to the arts & different artists at a young age exposes them to various styles and techniques of art.

Today we became Georgia O'keeffe and did our very own still life paintings. We set out examples of her various Calla Lily & Iris Paintings, real Calla Lilies and Irises, Colorations® Tempera Paint, Construction Paper, & Paint Brushes. The children were invited to observe, explore, and paint just like Georgia.

A still life is a drawing or a painting of an object or a group of objects that is close to you and doesn't move. This was a wonderful way for the children to observe every detail in the flowers & images, compare similarities/differences, & become more aware of details. These types of invitations to paint are amazing because it's interesting to observe each child's individual approach & creativity blossom.

The simple joys of painting lets the children be engulfed in being present, creative, & engaged. Children who paint learn to think with an open mind, to look at situations creatively. Because there is no right way in the arts, children who paint can be proud to be unique and to express their artistic style.

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