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Invitation to Make Mummies

When a child(ren) is showing extreme interest in a subject matter building upon their curiosity honors their learning process and provides for a meaningful experience to guide a child's exploration in something they are interested in. Since the children at our centers are getting even more and more excited for Halloween we decided to continue their current interests by inviting the children to make their own baby doll mummies!

Before we invited them to create mummies we have been reading Halloween books and talking about what mummies are and where they came from. We learned that some of the most famous mummies were found in Egypt inside the pyramids!

For this invitation we set a table with baby dolls and crepe paper streamers! (You can also do it with gauze or toliet paper.) We invited the children to make their own baby doll mummies by wrapping them in crepe paper!

The mummification process unfolded with so much discussion of which body parts they were wrapping, what techniques they were using, and even where these babies were going trick or treating after they got all dressed up!

After the children were done wrapping their mummies we unwrapped the crepe paper and used it to make spooky spider webs on our cardboard haunted house!

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