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Invitation to Finger Paint Fall Leaves

With the changes in the leaves all around. Setting up an provocation where a child paints with the colors of the changing leaves is great way to deepen their connection with the world around them through the arts.

A provocation is a technique used to stimulate children's thinking, to inspire them artistically, to empower them to take control over their learning, to open their minds, to create an environment for reflection, to challenge children, to encourage creativity. To set up this up I placed fabric fall leaves that are perfect for reusing in other invitations, jumbo cut out leaves, tempera paint, and buttons.

While all of these materials are not used in the process they are placed to ignite wonder, curiosity, and observation to detail. They simply provoke similarities and differences, color/shape recognition, and sensory exploration.

Once it was time to paint all of the materials that are not going to be used were removed (fabric leaves & buttons). Finger painting is an excellent tactile experience because it stimulates a child’s senses. (Touch/feel, sight, smell, edible finger paint= taste) The mixing of colors teaches the child about their colors, how to create new colors, cause/effect, and the basics of chemical reactions. It allows them to use their imagination and create in an open-ended way. It is emotionally soothing, too. It strengthens the hand and fingers which helps with fine motor skills all while learning the shapes of the leaves.

While mess or loose parts is not for everyone, there is of great importance to both of them in early childhood. It simply comes down to modifying or removing activities to suite your child or classroom. Just as every child has a different style of learning, whether you are a parent or teacher, you too have a unique way in guiding that child or classroom to gain knew knowledge and experiences.

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