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Invitation to Explore a Wooden Geoboard

What is a geoboard? A flat board with pegs sticking out accompanied by bands. The goal is simply to wrap the bands around the pegs, and as a child masters the skill they can create shapes and patterns.

This beautiful wooden geoboard is made by Grow Wild Co. It comes with 37 pegs, 20 colored bands, and cards to reproduce shapes onto the geoboard.

The benefits of geoboards for the child are endless. This helps develop their fine-motor skills, more specifically develops their pincer grip. They enhance their recognition of shapes as well as the components of a shape (geometry) when they are trying to problem solve to reproduce the card onto the geoboard. This also strengthens their spatial skills.

Stretch your child's mind by inviting them to experiment and explore with a geoboard. It is such an awesome manipulative that grows with a child throughout the years and amazing to see the progression of their skills develop in every stage.

As with anything that can be a choking hazard, supervision is required. Also establishing safety rules is highly recommended.

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