• Yasmeen Kamrani Sallam

Invitation to Explore the Rain

Rainy Day Window Art: Have your child paint on a baking tray or plastic bin (liquid water colors, diluted tempera paint, food coloring), then take a blank sheet of paper and smooth it down on the tray, lift it up and it looks like it rained on the paper!

Rainy Water Play: Whether you do it in the bath tub, sink, or a sensory bin. Fill your base with clear or blue water and provide cups, Tupperware, bowls, ladles, and let them explore rain water through water play.

Rain Cloud in a Jar Experiment: In clear cup or vase place water as the base, on top of the water squirt shaving cream or place a sponge above the water. In another cup place blue colored water or food coloring/liquid water colors. Have the child transfer the water with a baster, pipette, squirt bottle, droppers, or the food coloring bottle itself, then they will see the rain precipitate.

Rain Resist Painting: Have your child draw rain with a white crayon on white paper, next have them paint over the crayon with cool liquid water colors (blues & purples), and let it dry.

Rain Storm Sensory Bottle: Take an empty clear plastic bottle, fill it with dyed rice, and cotton balls, and there you have it! You can also do oil, water, glitter and food coloring/liquid watercolors.

Water Absorption: In a baking tray place a cup of water, add food coloring/liquid water colors place droplets of water all over the baking tray, then have your child take the cotton balls or pads to absorb the rain.

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