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Invitation to Explore Social-Emotional Feelings

Discount School Supply has so many innovative social-emotional learning tools for children. Since the Social-Emotional aspect of a child is the foundation that supports all areas of development, the stronger awareness that surrounds this pillar the more equipped the child will be. Social-Emotional development heavily influences the child, therefore using as many tools possible will only benefit the child.

The social-emotional develop­ment domain consists of the following three strands:

1. Self, which includes self-aware­ness and self-regulation, social and emotional understanding, empathy and caring, and initiative in learning.

2. Social Interaction, which focuses on interactions with familiar adults, interactions with peers, group participation, and coopera­tion and responsibility.

3. Relationships, which addresses attachments to parents, close relationships with teachers and caregivers, and friendships.

Young children acquire social and emotional competencies in ways that are often different from how they acquire competence in the naming of letters or numbers. Social-emotional skills emerge through children’s experience in close relationships and the var­ied exposures that occur in relational experience, such as shared conversa­tion, warm nurturance, and intentional guided learning capacities for sociability, responsibility, and self- control.

Just as with anything in the learning process of a child, the more you provide language + literacy along with hands on experiences that explores social emotional development, the stronger the foundation you establish for the child. The Color Monster book by Anna Llenas is such an amazing story that associates colors with emotions. After reading a book such as this providing intentional tools such as Environments® Emotion Puzzles for Toddlers and Environments® Plush Emotions Dolls Set #gifted to extend the literacy and language provided in the story will aide in the child further comprehending the concepts of emotions.

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