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Invitation to Explore Magnets

Active, hands on learning, while playing is so important, and a child will develop many benefits of learning through play when exploring magnetic toys.

Whether they are using magnetic tiles, mag wands, marbles, horseshoes, chips, paper clips and so on, magnets provide so much opportunity for endless experimenting. They are intriguing, yet easy to master.

Magnets help children increase their language skills by teaching them new magnet-related words, names, and shapes. As children attach and remove them from a metal surface, magnets help them develop their small hand and finger muscles, essential for learning to draw and to write. Magnets teach “cause and effect” and other important problem solving skills that are so essential for developing early brain connections. As children play with magnets, they will be adding and subtracting them from a surface. They’ll learn concepts such as more and less, on and off, and size and shape. Magnets are open-ended toys.  Children can manipulate them in various ways. 

To further enhance magnetic exploration you can provide baking trays, steel sheets, or any surface that will attract the magnets.

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