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Invitation to Explore Light Up Glow Cylinders

Young children are very curious about the sights and sounds in the world around them and interested in exploring them. They are naturally drawn to the properties of light. Whether it is through shadows, rainbows, reflection, colors, or the sun, they experience the properties of light in the world around them at all times. Light has a way of focusing their attention and illuminating new perspectives.

  1. Connect to USB cable provided to charge.

  2. Knock or tap the cylinders to activiate the light.

  3. Invite the child to explore and PLAY!

Discount School Supply #gifted this illuminating set of Light Up Glow Cylinders which are perfect for open ended light exploration. The loose parts cylinders are ideal for children to experiment, explore and discover using them for one to one correspondence, sorting, pairs, sequencing or finding their own ways of using these glowing cylinders to be a snake, a fence or even a rocket.They are also a great addition to dancing activities, children can twirl and whirl to the music and light up their movements. You can also use them on light tables or pictured here with acyrlic mirrors. Adding the sensory element of placing it on a mirror opens their mind to a whole new perspective of exploration while providing a reflective process.

Since they are so versatile they are a resource that can be used in construction, loose parts play, math activities, sensory areas, music + movement, and imaginative play.

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