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Invitation to Explore Light Through Block Play

In the story Flashlight by Lizi Boyd told solely through images and using a spare yet dramatic palette, the exploration of night, nature, and art are a visual poem—like the flashlight beam itself. This story reveals that there is magic in the darkness, we just have to look for it. To integrate this literacy experience setting out translucent blocks and a flash light is a great invitation to explore light through block play.

Reading stories and then connecting it to hands on play further let’s the child comprehend and process the content within the book. You can most certainly see and hear them reenacting pages from the book, while using their own imagnation to put their spin on it. Since Children are naturally drawn to both light and building, this makes for a unique engaging experience.

With block play there is a natural progression. The child has to learn how to move and manipulate various shaped objects, big and small, as well as have the fine motor control to “click” them into place. Building with toys help children enhance their visual-spatial skills which is crucial for reading readiness. It also encourages thinking and reasoning. These skills are what make children become well-rounded, independent and successful adults! Involves focus and patience. Children need to work slowly and carefully to be successful at creating their designs. Using their imagination boosts cognitive, academic, language and social growth. When building, kids need to decide what will or won’t work. Through building, children learn to experiment and make new discoveries about how things work. Builds confidence. Once that masterpiece is finished, children are so proud of their accomplishments. It increases their belief in themselves. Block play is just another reason why play matters.

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