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Invitation to Explore Life Cycles

This invitation is set with Discount School Supply’s Environments® earlySTEM™ Life Cycles Nesting Puzzles plus small world habitats of the animals.

The puzzle blocks focus on familiar animals: butterfly, frog, chicken and show each of the life stages as a separate, identified puzzle piece with actual full-color photos and text. Teaching children about life cycles is a perfect way to help them understand the world around them and to connect them with nature. Often times when children are interested in animals they love, they have lots of questions. These hands on visuals are perfect for deepening their connection with understanding the animal.

Setting small world play alongside these puzzles to invite the child to make a real life connection with the information they are learning about the animals, specifically their habitat. Many small worlds incorporate sensory play materials to enrich the experience and make it more realistic. Since the hands are the instrument of learning sensory experiences are essential in early childhood. “If it hasn’t been in the hand, the body and the heart, it can’t be in the brain,” Bev Boss

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