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Invitation to Explore Jingle Bells 4 Ways

Jingle all the way with these STEAM invitations to explore bells 4 ways!

1) Invitation to explore bells with magnetic wands in water. Place water, bells, and a couple drops of liquid water colors. Invite your child to capture the bells with the wands.

2) Invitation to paint with bells and magnetic wands. Take a piece of cardboard, place drops of tempera paint and bells on top and then have your child move the bells by moving the wand underneath.

3) Invitation to explore sensory tubes filled with bells. Fill a sensory tube or empty plastic bottle with bells. Invite child to move the bells with a magnetic wand.

4) Invitation to build with bells. Provide your child with magnetic blocks + bells and simply let them build.

So much Science Technology Enginering Art and Math in exploring bells!

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