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Invitation to Explore Illuminated Glow Roller Shakers

Discount School Supply #gifted these amazing Illuminated Glow Roller Shakers - Set of 6. The cylinders with illuminated contents for rolling, shaking, stacking, and turning are perfect for light exploration. The shakers light up and change colors when switched on and provide an engaging and multisensory experience.

To set this invitation to explore the glow rollers were set on a light table in a dark room and the children were invited to explore.

Did you know from infancy light and color fascinate any child and it carries throughout their childhood. They are always enamored with the wondrous world of illumination and color as it is something that they are naturally drawn to because they are able to explore a whole range of theories and enhance so much of their development. Light and color continuously fascinates and deeply engages the interplay of the shapes, patterns, shadows, effects, spacing, imagery, light, sizes, and colors. Since light and colors magic is ever evolving, materials such as these glow rollers ignite a child's curiosity and provide a tool to continue to blossom their imagination. So let the magic of light and color continue to enamor the child by honoring their ability to explore the world through the power of illumination.

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