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Invitation to Explore Bees

To continue our exploration about insects we invited the children to learn about all things bees. First we read the perfect introduction to learn all about the beautiful world of bees. Bees are brilliant at building super social creatures, and are responsible for a third of every mouthful of food we eat. We talked about the different types of bees, beehives, beekeeping, how they pollinate plants and make honey.

After reading The Bee Book and talking about bees we invited the children to explore on Tuff Tray. We provided play dough, loose parts, different kinds of bee figurines, flowers, bee hives, real honeycomb, and an insect house to let the children reenact or create similar environments or habitats of the bees.

Play-dough is a staple in early childhood. It is a powerful way to let a child use their imagination, strengthen the small muscles in their fingers, and encourage a child's language + literacy, science, math and sensory skills. It is quite possibly one of the most powerful props for learning. Adding loose parts to decorate the play dough molds inspires the children to think more creatively while providing endless opportunities to continuously stimulate their curiosity. Since loose parts are dynamic in nature, it brings about the authenticity of formulating ideas and you can see a child's creativity shine in their creations.

Children learn and retain information through their senses, integrating sensory materials and loose parts to represent part of the book will deepen their comprehension and connection to the concepts of the story.

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