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Invitation to Explore and Create a Famous Landmark

When Discount School Supply #gifted Excellerations® Photo Block Building Around the World it inspired recreating one of my all time favorite STEM invitations of creating famous landmarks from around the world!

To set this invitation you can print out images of landmarks from

around the world, provide blocks (translucent blocks or foam wooden blocks), & the photo building blocks. Invite the child to explore, build, and create landmarks around the world!

Since children are natural builders, having these photo blocks and images from around the world are a merely a point of inspiration that can also lead to enriched discussions about Geography as well as basic engineering concepts, techniques, and designs. Through this type of play, they will see that there are many different ways of building, all the different architectural styles that distinguish landmarks, and how interesting each structure/materials used are. That is the beauty of STEM, always further igniting a child’s curiosity to create and explore!

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