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Invitation to Decorate Christmas with Loose Parts

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

There are so many enamoring parts about Christmas! This invitation explores the magic of the holiday by inviting a child to decorate christmas trees, ginger bread, and ugly sweaters with loose parts.

To set this invitation you will need card stock paper, recycled cardboard, contact paper, ginger bread + ugly sweater cut outs. These will be the “base” for the children to decorate. In a tinker tray, you can fill it with glitter/rainbow Pom Poms, acrylic ice rocks, gem stones, buttons, sparkle pipe cleaners, and bells. Simply invite the child to design the trees, gingerbread, and ugly sweaters with loose parts.

Christmas Tree Two Ways: 1) Roll card stock paper into a 3-D triangle and wrap it with contact paper for child to stick the loose parts on or 2) Cut recycled cardboard into different sized triangles.

Gingerbread: 1) Wooden ones pictured here or 2) You can cut out paper ones and laminate them.

Ugly Sweaters: 1) Pre-made ones pictured here or 2) Cut out sweaters from felt fabric.

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