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Invitation to Create Treasure Tubes

A sensory "treasure" tube or bottle is any sealable container filled with a base with different types of objects to develop their senses and encourage exploration. This clear treasure set is the GuideCraft one from Discount School Supply.

To do this invitation you can set out a whole bunch of different trinkets, natural materials and sensory objects to collect in the beautiful, stackable Treasure Tubes. Since they are ideal for color and sound exploration and light table activities, after the children fill the tubes you can let them explore it on mirrors and light tables. Mirrors and light tables naturally draw the child to the exploration of reflection, perception and appearance and it is a rather calming experience as they explore. With the tubes being stackable they are also great for block play!

Sensory play is crucial to development throughout a child’s life. Children explore the world through their senses. This does not mean only exploring through touch but sight, smell, hearing and taste as well. Sensory tubes such as these help young children relax and soothe themselves by focusing on the motion and sound happening inside the tube. Each tube has objects that make a unique visual and sound quality that will help children begin to explore objects and develop observational skills. They also aid with understanding spatial relationships, problem solving, and hand-eye coordination. The best part is that they grow with your child through all their stages and can be used in a multitude of ways while they play!

“Sensory exploration is a child’s way of examining, discovering, categorizing, and making sense of the world, and it’s beneficial to provide them with opportunities for sensory play.” Amanda Moriri.

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