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Invitation to Create Soar with Loose Parts

Birds have always had a special place in my heart since they have significantly been the spirit animal that have shown up when loved ones have passed.

When author Hillary Daecher reached out to highlight her new book SOAR, it was a no brainer. The colorful book is about a hummingbird leaving their nest for the first time and how his anxiety and fear make him doubt that he will not be able to fly. With the support of his mother walking through his feelings and emotions, he observes his friends flying, and realizes that he is capable to overcome his fear.

This book is so beneficial for any transition a child may ever experience or any adult or child who struggles with anxiety. Whether it is the first day of school, going to the doctors, loss in the family, or simply trying something new. Providing not only the language but connection to these types of feelings being normal, will only instill better tools and coping skills early on. While also becoming more understanding and empathetic to those who experience anxiety. Emotional awareness is a vital building block of emotional intelligence. Reading books such as Soar develops that awareness.

To further extend the literacy experience and deepen the connection, inviting a child to recreate the images in the book with loose parts opens up discussion to better comprehend what happens within the book.

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