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Invitation to Create Lunar New Year Lanterns and Firecrackers

The beauty of celebrating different cultures is that you get to learn and create in so many different ways. There are so many amazing ways to make Lanterns and Firecrackers for the Lunar New Year with children. The book Chinese New Year Colors is a great way to welcome the festivities to young children. The images of the symbolic gifts, foods, and objects through beautiful colors is inviting to extend in creating through art.

While there are so many things you can make through this book lanterns and firecrackers are such fun ways to create. To create the lanterns all you need is paper lanterns and Colorations Tempera Paint. For the the firecrackers you can use recycled paper rolls, plastic colored cups, red pouch tops, gold ribbon, and pipe cleaners.

Lanterns were originally used to provide illumination. For the Lunar New Year they are said to be lucky charms and a wish for the bright future. Firecrackers were originally used to scare away evil spirits and are also to express happiness and invite good luck.

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