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Invitation to Create like Do Ho Suh

Do Ho Suh is one of our artists that we are exploring this month. He is a Korean artist who works primarily in sculpture, installation, and drawing. He is best known for his intricate sculptures that defy conventional notions of scale and site-specificity, which draws attention to the ways viewers occupy and inhabit public space. Do Ho Suh's work reveals a highly developed awareness of the different ways architecture mediates our experience of space. Architecture has been a key reference for the artist so his work pays attention to the site-specificity and sensorial experience of the viewer engaging with his pieces while moving in the exhibition space. 

We invited the children to create something like Do Ho Suh. After looking at images of art, the children were provided Picasso Tiles, Translucent Pebbles, Gem CubesExcellerations® earlySTEM™ Translucent Light Table Shapes, and Colored Plastic Potion Bottles #Gifted. Since his exhibitions play with light, we also provided the Excellerations® Small Sleek Light PanelLight Up Circular Infinity Mirror #Gifted, and Acrylic Mirror to build with or on.

Light and color continuously fascinates and deeply engages the interplay of the shapes, patterns, shadows, effects, spacing, imagery, light, sizes, and colors. Since light and colors magic is ever evolving, this invitation truly ignited the children's curiosity and provided the magic of light and color continue to enamor the child by honoring their ability to explore the materials through the power of illumination and inspiration from Do Ho Suh. From infancy light and color fascinate any child and it carries throughout their childhood. They are always enamored with the wondrous world of illumination and color as it is something that they are naturally drawn to because they are able to explore a whole range of theories and enhance so much of their development.

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