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Invitation to Create a Persian Rug with Loose Parts

Persian carpets are one of the most well known parts of our culture. The artistic patterns are not just a wonder themselves, they each have symbolic meanings and patterns. Dating back to Fifth Century B.C. the symbolism in the rugs is passed down from generation to generation, and have become one of the most treasured possessions that tell the story of our culture

Bahar, the Lucky written by Rashin Kheiriyeh is a great story to introduce Persian rugs. In the story Bahar is determined to help her family selling rugs at the local bazaar. The beautiful imagery of how a rug is created with breath taking illustrations by the author is such a special way to showcase the detail and culture in rug making.

To set this invitation you can use rectangular felt shapes as the base, provide loose parts in a PlayTray, and simply invite the child to create their own version of a Persian rug. Inside the tray are acrylic rocks, wood shapes, fringe, rhinestone gems, mosaic tiles, and wood cubes.

Culture is a strong part of people's lives. Even exploring something like a rug brings culture to a child's world. Exposing children to cultural diversity is important because our world consists of various cultural, racial, and ethnic groups. When different cultures are introduced to children at a young age, they gain a level of understanding and perspective of others, which is needed in order to build relationships, facilitate collaboration, and encourage cooperation and respect in the future.

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