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Invitation to Create A Jungle

This week we have been learning about animals galore! Today we invited the children to create their very own jungle through open ended play. With natural tree blocks, wood rounds, fake grass/leaves/plants, and jungle animals the children were invited to create a jungle habitat.

Any type of blocks are essential in all stages of early childhood. We know that block play in early childhood is something that is constant and continuous throughout the many stages of their development. They provide opportunities for early STEM concepts that will provide skills for children throughout the rest of their lives.

When you combine block play with loose parts, and figurines they are able to create see in stories, environments, movies, discussions and more. This type of play is an integral part of the developmental learning process by allowing children to develop skills in a developmentally appropriate natural manner in their own way, on their own time. True open-ended play lets a child imagine anything and supports hours of creative play. So let them play!

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