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Invitation to Create a 3-D Recycled Assemblage

Assemblage is the art of assembling materials together from objects, in this case recycled materials. The materials are used to make 3-dimensional art and often involves exploring collaging and creating sculptures.

To set this invitation you will need a recycled cardboard box, paper rolls, glue, tempera paint, and brushes. Before you start you can show images, read stories, or watch a video on famous artist who are known for this art form. Artist such as Louise Nevelson, Arman, Jean Tinguely, John Chamberlain, Robert Bradford, and. Leo Sewell. Next invite the children to glue the materials how ever they want, let it dry. Once the sculpture is dry let the children paint all over the the 3-D Art.

As they combine various materials together to explore the concept of assemblage art they are: comparing items (shapes, textures, lines, height/width, size), negative space, spatial awareness, cognitive thinking, communication/collaboration, fine + gross motor skills, all while empowering their creativity throughout the whole process.

Invitations such as this opens a child's mind to the many ways of creating art. When children learn about artists the more well rounded and creative they become. Art is a fundamental component of early childhood education therefore continuous exposure leads to seeing the world in different ways and learning about different forms of art.

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