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Invitation to Celebrate Women’s History Month

#WomensHistoryMonth is a celebration of women’s contributions to history, culture and society. While there are so many ways to celebrate and honor women, reading books and integrating them with an invitation is truly a powerful way to connect the two.

It is so amazing to see so many stories of women who have made their mark come into the hands of teachers, children, and families. Before setting out an invitation you can read books focusing on women and then set the invitation to create.

This invitation to create is a creative way to honor just some of the influential women. You can take frames like Colorations® Wooden Standing Frames #gifted, print out images of women from the books, and a tinker tray filled with loose parts to decorate the frames with. The loose parts in the tinker tray are pom poms, dot stickers, sequins, wood cubes, collage squares, and buttons. Freely let the child glue and create these loose pasts to adorn the frames.

This whole month Developing Minds and I have been showcasing how to integrate literacy and invitations every Monday, we hope that you are inspired to continue to extend literacy experiences creatively whether it’s through art, loose parts, play dough, small world play, or whatever it may be!

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