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Invitation to Build with Picasso Tiles Six Ways

Picasso Tiles are magnetic shaped blocks that are quite possibly the most versatile STEM learning tool for children. Whether you simply let children play with the tiles all by themselves or add elements to enhance the experience their are many benefits to a child's development through block play.

Block play with any building materials has a natural progression. Children have to learn how to move and manipulate various shaped objects, big and small, as well as have the fine motor control to “click” them into place. Building helps children enhance their visual-spatial skills. Encourages thinking and reasoning, these skills are what make children become well-rounded, independent and successful adults. Involves focus and patience, children need to work slowly and carefully to be successful at creating their designs. Using their imagination boosts cognitive, academic, language and social growth. When building, children need to decide what will or won’t work. Through building, children learn to experiment and make new discoveries about how things work. Builds confidence, once that masterpiece is finished, children are so proud of their accomplishments. It increases their belief in themselves.

Here are six ways to enhance building with Picasso Tiles:

1. Build with Tiles: Simply let the children play and explore with the tiles. The Picasso Tiles we used are PicassoTiles® 100 Piece Set Magnet Building Tiles. PicassoTiles® Piece Set Magnet Tiles. PicassoTiles® 100pc Marble Run Building Blocks.

2. Build on a Mirror: Acrylic mirrors are an excellent source of visual sensory input and provides visual feedback for experiments! Children are naturally drawn to the exploration of reflection, perception and appearance and it is a rather calming experience as they explore.

3. Build on a Magnetic White Board: A magnetic base board while provide another dimension of building which will heighten their play.

4. Build on a Light Table: Children are often calmed by the glow of the table and the visual stimulation enhances their experience as they explore to further enrich their play.

5. Build with Tea Lights: Yet another way to add visual sensory input that is a way to let the child explore light play.

6. Build on a Ramp: An elevated surface will have the children challenge to think in different and creative ways.

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