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Frozen Winter Excavation

The beauty of loose parts is that you can repurpose them for other invitations. After doing the The Tree That’s Meant to Be Nature Loose Parts Play to get a second use out of the the foraged loose parts you can create a frozen winter excavation.

Place the foraged wintry nature loose parts into ice molds and freeze them.

Once they are frozen pop them out on the tuff tray, sensory bin, or tray. Provide twisty droppers, water, and tools. Invite the the child excavate and release the wintry loose parts.

There is so much science, water play, cognitive and fine motor development all packed into this invitation! A child is able to explore and finding a deeper connection with nature.

A while back we did another wintry excavation outside, check that out here: Invitation to Explore Frozen Winter Nature.

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