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Four Día de Los Muertos Invitations

During the end of October each year, Día de los Muertos the ancient Mexican traditions honors ancestors and loved ones who have passed. The preparation of sugar skulls, delicious food, flowers, art, and shrines are made for the festivities of singing, dancing, and reminiscing. The books Día de los Muertos (Celebrate the World) and The Day of the Dead: A Bilingual Celebration are great ways to honor the culture and establish an inclusive environment. The more we learn about all cultures in classrooms and in our homes, the more knowledge and understanding we provide for everyone.

To extend the literacy experiences and provide invitations that honor the celebration here are four ways to explore Día de los Muertos:

  1. Calaveras Ice Skulls: Make frozen skulls in ice mold trays, provide colorations liquid water colors, and pipettes. Let the child paint the skulls with the liquid water colors.

2. Marigold Garland Dyeing: Place liquid water colors in spray bottles with water. Let the child spray the water colors onto the white marigolds to turn them into the traditional colors.

3. Painting Calaveras + Papel Picado: Provide children with a white ceramic skull, white papel picado, Colorations tempera paint, and a paint brush. Let the child freely paint them.

4. Decorating Calaveras with Loose Parts: On a large piece of butcher paper or poster board draw Calaveras Skulls with permanent marker. Make a tinker tray with loose parts (glittering rhinestones, wooden geo shapes, ice rocks) and invite the child to decorate the skulls with them.

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