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Fluorescent Water Play

Friends Art Lab inspired this water play invitation! Typically my go to is Colorations liquid water colors or food dye but she swears by using BioColor® Fluorescent Paint to make it more vibrant and opaque. Let me tell you this did not disappoint!

To set this invitation to explore you will need beakers, cylinders, ladles, twisty droppers, pipettes, whisks, clean containers. Provide water and BioColor® and let them mix. You can do this in a large sensory bin, outside on a table with large clear bins, or in a mud kitchen. Pictured here is our Excellerations® Toddler Outdoor Set and Outdoor Kitchen Set.

Water play is a staple in early childhood education. It comes so naturally to children to play and explore with water. Through water play children begin to understand & investigate with ideas such as more/less, same/different, many/few, empty/full, before/after, greater than/less than.

With all that math and science happening in an open ended way there is plenty of language development when a child discusses the ingredients, how they will create their mixtures, & collaboration when creating together. The social learnings from open ended water play include team work, concentration, turn taking, problem solving, perseverance, self-regulation, & more.

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