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Egg Decorating 4 Ways

Did you know from ancient history to the present decorating eggs have been an important symbol in many cultures. They often symbolize life, renewal, fertility, and rebirth. Many cultures throughout the world share similar traditions in decorating them for special celebrations. 

Colored eggs appear on Persian haftsin made for the new year known as Nowruz, which is celebrated at the vernal equinox. Here are four ways to decorate eggs for whatever you may celebrate: 

1.Marbled Eggs: Place shaving cream as the base and drip Colorations liquid WaterColors on top. Provide eggs (these are paper ones from Target). Invite the child to roll the egg around in the different colors.  

2. Tie Dye Eggs: In a spray bottle mix water & liquid watercolors. Invite the child to spray the eggs. 

3.Drip Eggs: In cups place tempera paint with a little bit of water to loosen the texture of the paint. Invite the child to drip paint onto the eggs. 

4.Sparkly Eggs: Provide clear glue & Colorations spring colored glitter #gifted from Discount School Supply. Invite the child to glue glitter all over the eggs. 

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