• Yasmeen Kamrani Sallam

Earth Day Unit

Coffee Filter Earth🌎🌏🌍: Place a coffee filter on a tray, provide blue and green Colorations liquid watercolors, food coloring, or watercolors. Provide your child with a paintbrush, dropper, or baster and let your child paint the earth. You can show a video or image of the earth as a point of reference!

Earth Day🌎🌏🌍 Water Play: Use a sensory bin, large bowl, sink, or bath tub. Provide your child with cups, ladle, bowls, etc. Provide two separate containers of blue and green colored water. You can create the colored water with Liquid Water Colors or Food Coloring. Let your child engulf in water play.

Balloon Stamping Earth🌎🌏🌍: Blow up a balloon or use a ball as the painting tool. Place a plate or bowl of blue and green paint. Provide your child with a paper, let them dip the balloon in the paint and print away!

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