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DIY Wrapping Paper with Rollable Paint

With all the deliveries being made during the holidays, a fun way to repurpose the boxes is to reuse them to place your presents in. You can even make your own wrapping paper with butcher easel paper, rollable paint #gifted, scissors, tape, and ribbon.

Provide butcher or easel paper and Colorations Rollable Paint from Discount School Supply and invite the child(ren) to freely paint. After the paint dries invite the child to wrap the present in the box. If they are old enough let them cut the paper, tape the paper, and wrap the ribbon.

When a child is painting, cutting, and wrapping it allows a child to build up the tiny muscles in the palm of their hand with the continuous opening and closing of the hand. These muscles are also used for writing, painting, and gripping things. It enhances eye-hand coordination by using vision, processing what is seen, and moving the hand simultaneously to accomplish a task. When they are painting, cutting, and wrapping it encourages the child to use bilateral coordination using both sides of the body at the same time while each hand is performing its own task.

To make it an even more exciting process you can set up a Santa's Workshop Wrapping Station.

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