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DIY Sensory Blocks

All you need is plastic tupperware, loose parts (twigs,rocks, rice, dried beans, shells, salt, sugar, craft materials, etc.) and crazy glue. Place various materials in the Tupperware, place crazy glue around the rim of the containers, let it dry, & then let your little ones play!

Sensory blocks let children explore their senses through observation. They are a wonderful way to help your children play and explore the world around them. They help young children relax and soothe themselves by focusing on the motion and sound happening inside the block. The best part is that they can grow with your child through all their stages and can be used in multitude of ways while they play!

Blocks are one of those magical toys that have endless possibilities and are intriguing to young children. They promote a variety of skills and allow children to be involved in an active, hands-on way. By manipulating blocks, children work on their coordination skills by attaching and removing pieces which promote fine motor skills. They also are fostering their cognitive skills by understanding concepts of 'cause and effect'. They are also promoting math skills because as children play with blocks, they will be exploring spatial awareness. When children are able to play and manipulate a variety of materials and textures they stimulate their mind and body.

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