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DIY Magnetic Tile Station

Quite possibly the best gift you can give this holiday season is any set of magnetic tiles. If you want to enhance a child's play space this is the easiest DIY magnetic tile station that you can gift to everyone or create for your own child.

All you will need is this Magnetic Whiteboard Contact Paper, Magnetic Tiles (Picasso, Magnatiles, Connetix), and a Utility Cart to store your magnetic tiles. Simply roll out the contact paper and place it on the wall and just like that your child has a cool new vertical play space to build and create on.

When children are provided with environments where they work on different surfaces and spaces it puts a whole new element of learning in their play. They develop critical-thinking skills and strategize to make in depth decisions about what works and what doesn't work on their own and how to become more innovative and creative in their play.

Magnetic tiles are one of those magical toys that all children are naturally drawn to that have so many elements of learning. Children love them because they are intriguing, easy to master and they help children develop a variety of skills. They are able to foster communication skills as they explore the materials as well as enhance gross + fine motor skills. Magnetic tiles also have a scientific and mathematical aspect to them because they expose the children to the idea of “cause and effect”, spatial awareness, more/less, on/off, size, shape, & problem solving skills, which are essential for developing early brain connections. A magnetic station truly honors a child‘s work which is “play.”

Here is another way to create a DIY Interactive Magnetic Wall with Paint.

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