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Dinosaur Paint Party

Grab your dinosaurs and get that paint party started! To set this invitation you will need Colorations Tempera Paint, cupcake tin, paint brushes, two trays, construction paper, and dinosaurs.

Place tempera paint in the cupcake tin. In the first tray place the dinosaurs on the base and invite the child to paint on them however they want. In the second tray place construction paper at the base and invite the child to dip the feet of the dinosaurs into the paint to stomp around the paper.

Tray 1: Invite the child to paint on the dinosaurs.

Tray 2: Invite the child to dip the feet of the dinosaurs and stomp on the paper.

Both processes are great for building language, speech, social & emotional development, color recognition, fine motor skills, recognizing the parts of the dinosaurs, sensory + pretend play, similarities and differences, categorization creativity and so much more. This type of play through art brings that large world down to their size, so they can have some measure of control over it. Playing and painting with dinosaurs gives them a venue to become more aware of the species, reenact how the dinosaurs would act, and truly letting their imaginations run wild as they create on unusual canvases + tools.

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