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Dim Sum for Everyone

Food plays an integral role in our lives. The food we eat is intertwined with culture. By exploring food children can learn a lot about a particular culture. American Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage month has so many great opportunities to expose a child to.

For this invitation to explore creating a dramatic play set up just like the book Dim Sum For Everyone by Grace Lin is great way to explore the cultural customs. In the story a young girl visits a dim sum restaurant where her family picks out their favorite dishes from the trolleys and enjoy a delicious meal together.

As a fun way of sharing this experience of picking dumplings, cakes, buns, tarts, and other traditional foods from a trolley setting it up play food on cart and acting out what the whole experience of getting dim sum is fun way to introduce or carry the tradition at home or in the classroom through play. Children learn through play and are always exploring and experimenting – a dramatic play invitation allows children to perform, gain exposure, and test their own understandings of the world around them. The more we are inclusive about all cultures in classrooms or our homes, the more understanding we provide for everyone within our communities.

To set this invitation you can use a cart, table, and asian play food in order to create the whole experience.

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