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Colorful Spray Bath-time

Bath time can become pretty repetitive, so to mix it up and add a little fun using spray bottles is a great way to change things up while enhancing a child's fine motor skills and color recognition. It is also great for containing the mess in a space that is easy to clean up right away.

To set this invitation you will need Colorations® E-Z Pull Extra Large Clear Trigger Sprayers, a small drop of Colorations Liquid Water Colors, and enough water to fill the whole bottle. You can do it in your bath tub, shower, outside on a large piece of butcher paper/cement, or ia large sensory bin. Simply invite the child to spray away on the bubbles, tile, water, etc.

Theses specific spray bottles are designed to be easy for small hands to squeeze so it makes it more feasible for the child to squeeze without frustration. Spraying with a spray bottle puts the child's hands to work as well as strengthens the tiny muscles that are in their hands. As they press and release the spray bottle it is quite similar to the manipulation of scissors. Tasks such as this will help build fine motor skills that are important for their overall development and will refine other fine motor activities such as lacing beads on a string, writing, cutting, and so on.

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