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Collaborative Invitation to Create Yayoi Kusama

#WomensHistory Month is March. Throughout this whole month we have been exploring women’s contributions to history, culture & society. While there are so many ways to celebrate & honor women, reading books & integrating them with an invitation is truly a powerful way to connect the two. Today we read the book The book Yayoi Kusama Covered Everything in Dots and Wasn't Sorry by Fuasto Gilberti which is great way to learn more about the artist. It explores how Yayoi Kusama covers everything in dots which is what she is known for.

Yayoi Kusama is a female Japanese contemporary artist. Her work primarily consisted in sculpture & installation, but she also has been active in painting,

performance, film, fashion, poetry, fiction, & other arts.

A great way to integrate the book while giving the opportunity to recreate art just like Yayoi is through a collaborative invitation to create. We provided dot stickers (small & big), pom poms (rainbow striped + glitter), confetti circles, & glue. The children were invited to freely create all over the recycled boxes wrapped in butcher paper as their canvas.

The beauty about collaborative collages are that they build community, foster cooperation, eliminate competition, and it is social! When children engage in #Processart such as this it allows children to explore freely, be in control of the outcomes creatively, & lets them discover art in their own way. This builds their confidence, fosters their cognitive skills & when they become aware of all the different ways they can do art, make predictions, plan it out/problem solve, everything comes full circle in believing they can create anything!

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