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Cardboard Collage

Cardboard collages are quite possibly one of the most underrated process art invitations. The variations are truly limitless. From different shapes, sizes, textures, to the ability to make 3-D assemblages & sculptures, makes for endless open ended art opportunities.

In the past some of my favorites have been a 3-D assemblage with recycled tubes, hearts, shapes, and a mobile. This time around I pre-cut the cardboard into squares and rectangles, glued them together.

After I glued some designs on the cardboard to create a textured surface with clear glue.We used tempera paint sticks, water colors, tempera paint, and various brushes to create with.

I decided to tape the cardboard collage on the easel in order to paint/color vertically. CY initiated brining out his Lily & River Little Surfer board again to reach up top. A stool would be another great option. Painting vertically encourages 1. Shoulder/Elbow Stability 2. Bilateral Coordination 3. Midline Crossing 4. Wrist Extension/Pencil Grasp 5. Visual Attention and Hand-Eye Coordination

6. Spatial Awareness 7. Sensory 8. Core Strength and Posture.

Visual arts deeply affect children, for it is one of the most important forms of communication. Painting at the easel has a fluidity that is different from other art media that children use

because when they paint this way, they express and honor their creative artistic style more freely. With open ended painting they are given a foundation to look at the world with the confidence they can accomplish a goal by honoring their creativity.

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