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Buildings in the Snow

The book Ten Ways to Hear Snow written by Cath Camper and Illustrated by Kenard Park is a perfect book to read about discovering the world around you on a wintry day. After reading the story, to integrate the literacy experience through the arts is great way to deepen a child's comprehension and connection to the book.

You can do this by creating an invitation to create buildings in the snow with paint swatches, cardboard, glue, shaving cream, scissors and paint brushes. All you need to do is visit a paint or hardware store grab a variety of paint swatches. If your child is old enough you can have them cut the swatches into different shapes and sizes. Next have them glue the paint swatch buildings onto cardboard. Now for the fun part, the snow! Mix glue and shaving cream together and simply invite the child to paint snow.

Art invitations are some of the best ways to promote literacy and brain development in early childhood. When we intentionally integrate art with actually literacy experiences this will develop reflective skills that will promote writing, printing awareness, spatial relations, visual literacy, verbal creativity. Integrating the arts and literacy involves combining opportunities to develop critical thinking skills and enhance their communication abilities while providing children with opportunities to express by way of a creative outlet. Literacy experiences open a child's imagination to think big while art provides children to express their creativity with authentic self-expression—the freedom of choice, thought and feeling.

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