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Abstract Water Color Process Art

Painting is a way for children to explore and accomplish many important milestones. They convey ideas, express emotions, use their senses, enhance their awareness of color, explore processes & outcomes, provide fine motor skill refinement, and it lets children create in any way they desire.

This process art invitation was a two part series. We first invited the children to freely paint with the watercolors on construction paper. After their water color painting dried, we created a collaborative collage. Out of Colorations clear glue and black liquid water colors that we mixed into a condiment container, that created black glue which we let the children create abstract designs on top of the collage to create more texture.

Water colors are an interesting medium since it is a painting material that can form many connections and ideas of how the painting process works for them. Water color has a clarity of color that is transparent which makes it versatile and gives the children countless different shades of the same color. They can build richness into the colors, mix the colors, layer the colors, lighten the colors, which lets the child truly experiment and create on their own. Opportunities for creative thinking with a material such as water colors promotes inquiry, reflection, critical thinking skills, ability to interpret and respond in insightful ways in whatever they put their mind to.

Glue is a secret staple in art, and there is more to using glue than attaching or adhering. Since it comes in a variety of forms (liquid, hot, sticks, glitter, colored) and types for a variety of circumstances, it is a material that sometimes can go unnoticed as an exciting element. We used the glue to add more texture and abstract designs to our collaborative watercolor collage.

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