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7 ways to Explore Frida Kahlo

If you already haven't caught on my love for Frida Kahlo runs deep. Five years ago I was lucky enough to go with two of my best friends to Mexico City and we made it out to the museum. I still can't believe I got to see it in person.

The Art

The Kitchen


For severals years I have been dressing up as her when she is the artist of the month at the centers I do administration for. During the month of May we do invitations and provactions inspired by books about her as well as her art.

Art Studio


Frida's Clothes

Here are the books we read during circle or story time:

Here are the ways we have explored the artist through invitations + provocations:

Still Life Paintings

Framing or Painting Frida's Self Portraits

Frida's Butterfly Prints

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